There are many reasons why hiring a DUI attorney is in a defendant’s best interest when he has been arrested for driving drunk or driving while on drugs. Four of these reasons include the following:

1. A DUI has serious penalties and consequences.

When an individual is convicted of a DUI, he may go to jail – even for a first-time offense. He will lose his license for a period of time in a DUI case, and he will have to pay a fine. These consequences can have a major adverse impact on his life, as will the fact that his insurance company likely will drop him and/or he may need to get an extremely expensive high-risk auto insurance once he is allowed to drive again. The best way to minimize these consequences or to avoid them entirely is to get legal help from a DUI attorney who will help a client understand the best possible course of action with defending himself or plea to lesser charges.

2. There are both administrative and criminal consequences to a DUI.

When someone is arrested for DUI, he have to deal with not only the courts but also to the specific government agency assigned to motor vehicles. Only a DUI attorney who regularly takes care of such cases will be able to have the necessary knowledge to help a DUI accused deal with the government agency and, hopefully, to convince such department that he is able to retain his license at least for limited purposes.

3. There is a lot of science behind a DUI case.

A lot of the great DUI defenses hinge on things like faulty Breathalyzer tests or rising content of alcohol in the blood (rising BAC defense). Not every lawyer understands the science behind a DUI nor do all lawyers have relationship with expert witnesses that can help in a DUI case. A DUI attorney has the knowledge and connections his client need to better understand the science of DUI and to use the science to his client’s advantage.

4. A DUI attorney knows how to plea bargain down the charges.

In some cases, if one is not able to defend his self against the DUI charges he faces, an attorney can use his expert negotiation skills to help him get off with a lesser sentence. He may be able to plead down the charges that he is facing to a lesser charge than drunk driving, such as reckless driving charge. The defendant may also be able to enter into a diversion of first-time offender program that allows him to avoid a criminal record. Legal DUI experts know about the programs in place and can help.

These are just a few of the many reasons why hiring a DUI attorney is the smart choice when one is facing DUI charges. With the help of a lawyer, one can protect his legal rights in the criminal justice system and work to get the best result he can.

When hiring divorce attorneys in Westchester County, NY, the most important question on the minds of many is what they will charge for their services. A divorce is inherently expensive, so it’s only natural for a person to want to minimize costs as much as they possibly can.

Attorney fees are simply a part of a divorce proceeding, there is no getting around them. All a person can do is know what they are getting into and try to spend wisely. There are a variety of ways that a person can go about paying divorce attorneys in Westchester County, NY. so let’s take a closer look.

The most common method of payment for divorce attorneys in Westchester County, NY is the flat fee. For a case of this magnitude, the flat fee is often considered the best way for a client to save money. The divorce attorney decides during the first consultation how much they would like to be paid for the balance of the case.

After analyzing the facts of your case and deciding how much of their time it will require, the attorney decides on one uniform fee for the client to pay. However, this fee must be decided upon carefully. In many flat fees instances, the attorney may feel like they are not receiving enough money for the hours they are spending on the case, while the client may feel like they are paying too much. Before deciding on a flat fee structure, both sides need to be in total agreement.

An hourly billing structure is also a popular choice for divorce attorneys in Westchester County, NY. Hourly fees ensure that the attorney is paid for all of the time that they spend on the case and can be much more expensive for the client. Before agreeing to an hourly fee rate, be sure to know exactly what constitutes a billable hour and what does not.

Splitting the difference between these two methods of payment is the retainer fee. A retainer fee is paid to divorce attorneys in Westchester County, NY who require a sizable upfront payment and for clients who are unsure what the total costs will be. This allows a client to save some money in the short term and gives the attorney the option to bill for additional services as needed.

There are several ways that divorce attorneys in Westchester County, NY can go about the billing process. Some are beneficial to the client, others are beneficial to the attorney. When hiring an attorney, be sure to discuss all of these methods thoroughly, especially as they relate to your specific case. This will keep both sides of the agreement happy and ensure that the payment process is able to go off without a hitch.

After being accused of a criminal offense, a person is often detained at the police station for an indeterminate period of time. If the crime is considered to be serious enough, the defendant is then jailed. When the judge considers the defendant to be a flight risk or a danger to society, he will either revoke their bail or set it prohibitively high.

When a judge has set a defendant’s bail too high or will not grant them any form of bail, criminal defense attorneys in Westchester County, NY can be called to help get their client out of jail. They speak on their client’s behalf and show the judge why it is in their best interests to allow the defendant to build their legal defense outside of prison walls.

The simple act of hiring criminal defense attorneys in Westchester County, NY is often enough to help sway the judge’s feelings about granting a reasonable bail to the defendant. If a defendant opts for a public defender or to represent themselves, this shows a judge that the person is not taking their case seriously.

Even worse, the judge may believe that the defendant plans to flee as soon as they are freed. By making the investment in criminal defense attorneys in Westchester County, NY, the defendant shows that they are serious about mounting a legal defense. It is far less likely that a client will flee after having spent the money on an attorney and the time it takes to build a defense.

If the defendant’s bail has been set too high, criminal defense attorneys in Westchester County, NY specialize in persuading judges to lower the amount to something more reasonable. Clients who are facing criminal charges tend to be cash poor. A lower bail keeps family members from having to use their property as collateral to free their loved one.

Another way that criminal defense attorneys in Westchester County, NY help get their clients out of jail is by serving as the liaison between the defendant and a bail bonding outfit. It can be difficult for clients to know where to find the best bail bondsmen, so discussing this matter with an experienced attorney is of the utmost importance. They can draw on their personal experience to recommend a top notch bail bonding company, one who will get their client out of jail much more rapidly.

When you have been accused of a criminal offense and are being held in jail without any chance of being freed, criminal defense attorneys in Westchester County, NY are able to speak to the judge on your behalf. Allowing these attorneys to provide a buffer between you and the court system is the best choice you can make, for both your present and your future.

A personal injury lawyer is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal after experiencing a serious accident or incident that leads to you suffering bodily harm. They can help a person who is dealing with the aftermath of their injury receive the settlement that they are supposed to, while also keeping a person’s stress levels lowered so that they can heal.

These lawyers handle a wide range of injuries and they do not limit themselves to physical maladies. The victim’s psychological damage also has to be considered when deciding on a settlement and a personal injury lawyer fights for a person’s right to receive restitution for all of their injuries, both mental and physical.

The cases that they handle include injuries suffered on the job, automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, injuries that stem from the usage of a defective product and medical malpractice.

Personal injury lawyers typically handle a wide range of cases, which makes them especially knowledgeable in a variety of different law areas. They can take care of cases that fall into essentially any area of the law and are considered to be some of the most well rounded lawyers available.

Their main region of concentration are cases that fall under the umbrella of tort law. Not only do they handle all of these cases, but they are able to take care of all the responsibilities that come with them. A personal injury lawyer performs all of the pertinent research that allows them to build a case, while also interviewing their client and any additional eyewitnesses.

No matter what injury you have suffered, your lawyer is also responsible for ensuring timely restitution and fighting for your rights as a citizen. There are certain guidelines that do vary depending on your location, so be sure to ask plenty of questions during your first consultation meeting.

Your personal injury lawyer is not only willing and able to handle all of the aforementioned cases, but they also may be able to do so under a contingency fee agreement. While these agreements are typically not available in the majority of cases, a personal injury case typically entails some sort of contingency fee arrangement. This allows the client to stay up to date on their medical bills and personal expenses while they await their settlement.

As you can see, a personal injury lawyer is ready to take care of a wide variety of injury concerns and their areas of expertise encompass nearly every injury related case that a person is liable to experience. Any injury that you could possibly experience is likely to fall under a lawyer’s range of knowledge and they can help you to navigate the pitfalls that come with filing an injury lawsuit to get you the restitution you deserve.

The process of hiring family law attorneys in Westchester County, NY is enough to make any person become inquisitive. But unless they are asking the right questions, they could end up making the wrong choices about who to hire. While having a curious mind is a great asset when it comes to the legal process, knowing the right questions to ask is more important. Read on to learn more about the five most pivotal questions that you should ask.

1. What Is Your Rate Structure?

While no one should be skimping on their attorney fees, it is important to know how much you are paying beforehand. Knowing where the money is going and why is also crucial. If you do not ask, then you could be billed for services that were not necessary. Before you commit to hiring any family law attorneys in Westchester County, NY, ask them what constitutes a billable hour and if you will be charged for phone calls and e-mails. Attorneys do not always divulge these fees during an initial consultation.

2. What Is Your Area Of Expertise?

With so many different areas of family law to choose from, family law attorneys in Westchester County, NY cannot be reasonably expected to be well versed in all of them. When you are hiring an attorney, talk about the specifics of your case. If they cannot provide examples of how they have worked cases similar to yours in the past, this is a huge red flag and suggests that you may be better off hiring someone else.

3. What Is Your Plan?

Do the family law attorneys in Westchester County, NY that you are speaking with have a credible plan for defending your case? Or are they simply grasping at straws? It is not reasonable for the client to expect a blow by blow of what is to come, but it is not unreasonable for them to expect a broad outline. Unless the attorney can draw on their past experience to come up with a viable plan, do not hire them.

4. Do They Have A Calm Demeanor?

Family law matters tend to be very heated in nature. When you are embroiled in a dispute of this magnitude, you need family law attorneys in Westchester County, NY that know how to diffuse tensions and not pour gasoline on the fear. While a rabble rousing attorney may sound good during a consultation, they will not do you much good once the proceedings begin.

5. Do They Get Results?

Asking about the outcome of cases that the attorneys have handled that were similar to yours helps to give you a feel for what sort of results to expect. Did the attorneys get the results that their clients were looking for or did they let them down? Knowing the answer to this question helps you make a more informed decision.